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Happy New Year




Well, what a year 2014 was! In fact I'd go as far as to say it was a corker. On a professional and a personal level it was one to remember.


This time last year I was still getting acquainted with my new buddy, Joe. He'd been on the planet only a month and he and I were starting to understand each other. And, for the first time ever, I wasn't working. (Although it's fair to say I was working harder than I ever had before, just not at Woolbath!)


In March I made the big return to work (on a part time basis, admittedly) which was fantastic and tough in equal measure. Fantastic because of my beautiful shop, staff and customers. Tough because I missed my pal and, in no small measure, because sleep was eluding the Shipley house!


Spring soon brought with it some beautiful yarns. Rowan' pure linen and Noro's Kibou to name two of my faves and plenty of beauties from Bergere and Debbie Bliss.


At the time it was cold and wet (remember those terrible floods?) so we were all just dreaming of and hoping for a glorious summer to get our summer knitting out. Little did we know what was coming: The hottest summer on record! During that heatwave and with a six month old in tow we sold our lovely (little) house and moved to a "fixer-upper" in Bloomfield and proceeded to knock down walls and rip out kitchens with gay abandon. Two months in, with no kitchen AT ALL, the initial upbeat attitude was on the wane and we wondered whether we were mad or stupid (still not sure!). It's still not finished (seven months with no shower!!??!!) but it's feeling like home and it's almost done.


Another beautiful stack of new yarns hit in September including the new, exquisite Juniper Moon Farm yarn. Already a firm favourite with my customers and me. At about this time I was keeping a glorious little secret to myself. Joe was going to be a big brother! I swear I was bursting to tell as I couldn't believe how lucky we were. The youngest Shipley is set to arrive in May 2015. Watch out world!!


As the year drew to a close we celebrated a very special birthday. Joe turned one in November and he spent the day surrounded with love (and some special handmade cake from his aunty Jem). We then rolled right into Christmas; all cold and dry and beautiful (well, most of the time!) as we chose and knitted our special gifts for loved ones.


One of our special knits was worn by Noel Edmonds himself on a Christmas special of Deal or No Deal. Our 15 minutes of fame! We had been approached but Noel in April to knit a very special Christmas jumper and we, of course, jumped at the chance! Here's a pic of Noel and me in the jumper...


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Blog - Law Noel























So now I would like to thank my gorgeous customers for your loyalty and forgiveness of my baby-brain (again!!). Thanks to my wonderful team of super-knowledgeable gorgeous girls: Becki, Franny, Sara and Lisa I simply couldn't do it without you xx


To my gorgeous sister Jemma: your super-brain and gorgeous homemade cakes alone make you the best sister ever. Love you xx


Mum and Dad: the list is endless; from accounts to decorating, from taxi-ing to childminding. Your support is endless and always appreciated. You are the flippin best! Love you xx


Dan and Joe: My men. What did I do to deserve to be this lucky? Love you so much xx


Have a wonderful 2015 peeps. Here's to a loving and peaceful year.


Love Laura and the Bump xx